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I go by Kodiac at C&D. Glad to see you are still looking at a bimmer.

Here are my thoughts...

The C-class will give you more rear passenger space and probably more trunk space as well. The 5 series offers more interior space than a 3 series (not as much as you would think), but the trunk space is nearly identical in the current generation.

As far a quality goes, yes, Merc has had some problems and some can be traced back to the Chrystler merger. The advantage of buying a used one would be getting a car that was built before the parts bin was "polluted". Many times when there is a merger (the Volvo/Ford mariage comes to mind) the car currently in production will not be effected until the current model run ends and a new generation begins. The current running production lines uses parts already sourced. When the new model generation begins all bets are off and the parent company can infuse thier parts and practices in to development. Volvo is facing this in all of their current cars. The next iteration will have some Ford DNA. This may be why they still recommend the used C-class.

With all that in mind, is that the way you really want to go. From what I read over at C&D you loved the BMW for the same reasons that we are all at this forum...we LOVE the way the car drives...the perfect weight distribution, the inline 6 engine, the suspension...

Ask yourself, would you really be happy driving a Mercedes
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