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Can't find switched/accessory power line for installing dashcam

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Hi everyone - got a good deal on a dashcam, and went to install it using this guide. However, when I opened up my map light/sunroof motor area, there is no green/yellow wire to be found in my car (see attached photo).

I see in the original guide they have/had a 2008 (so LCI) and mine is a 2006 (pre LCI). I am wondering if it's the LCI that makes a difference, or is it maybe if you have an autodimming mirror optioned from the factory - I presume that runs on switched power so as to prevent battery drain.

Any other suggestions for hardwiring a dashcam in? I see Viofo sells a hardwire kit but I feel like it'd be easier to pull power from the map light/sunroof motor area than having to pull the A pillar and route down into the fusebox itself... Thanks for any insight you can share.


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There is a cigarette lighter outlet under the glove compartment. I would use that rather than trying to tap into a line. You don't need to pull the A pillar completely, you can route the wire along the door molding.
Sorry, to be clear, are you saying to disconnect the wiring leading to that 12V socket and then use that for the power?

I think if I have to go down beneath/in the dash I'd just get the full wiring kit that pulls both constant and switched 12V so I can make use of the parking mode the dashcam has.
Are you sure you have the right wire bundle? In that is the wire bundle for the electrochromatic mirror. I had a look at the 2006 wiring diagram and it appears to be the same pre-LCI and LCI.
Thanks for looking into the wiring diagrams (something I couldn't seem to locate, nor would I be able to easily decipher them, I'm sure...)

I'm pretty sure since it's what leads into the mirror. Unfortunately I do not have the autodimming mirror, so I am wondering if that is an option one would need to retrofit wiring for - I went to install an autodimming mirror in my e46 a few years back and found that it was lacking the pins/wiring for it, so I am assuming the same here - the car needed to have it optioned from the factory to have that wire in the loom.
I was thinking only use the switched 12V by plugging into the cigarette lighter (you have to buy a plug). I only splice into the wires as a last resort.
Ah - totally appreciate the suggestion but am looking to do an install with little to nothing showing in the cabin, and no ability for feet to kick the power source loose.
Ok, that's why it doesn't match the guide.
Well...shoot. Glad if I am not just stupid or missing something...

I guess fuse taps it is, then!
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