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I have done basic coding and other stuff in NCS, and INPA for a year or so so I know my way around just enough to be dangerous and break something.

I updated the VO in NCS and updated the transmission software in WINKFP but now in INPA I am unable to access the Body>CAS (Car access System)---this is my 1st issue...but it looks like I may have 2 separate issues or they may be related.

I am getting CAN (K-Line) Bus errors in the ECU some modules.
Error E184 K-CAN Line Fault in the ECU module CCCG60
Error E584 Bus Line Fault K-CAN in the FRM_070 module.
Error E704 K-Can Physical Line Error in the IHKA70 ECU.

This leads me to believe there is a wiring issues somewhere but not sure if this is related to not being able to load the CAS module in INPA. I get the error: "Unable to load script CAS.IPO" when clicking on this in INPA. Additionally, I get weird issues like the radio changing stations randomly, Trans fault, electrical system malfunction, intermittently when applying my brakes but then all will go back to there is a short somewhere or I may have to program another module through WINKFP to get this part to communicate.
I was thinking if I reload the CAS in WINKFP that may solve the issue but CAS programming is somewhere I don't really want to go. Anyone have any ideas or input?
P.S. There is a new AGM Battery, Alternator puts out 14 volts, I am not getting an IBS sensor error and the battery is registered. Thanks in advance.
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