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Car at the dealer again...

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I hope they can fix it.

1) Dead pedal cracked
2) Power mirrors/seat memory going nuts. Mirror controls inoprable.
3) Oil waaay overfull at last oil change under full maintainance. Changed <2000 miles ago. (don't remember the exact date/mileage) I expected it to burn off, didn't. Since it was a different dealer, they are going to see if warranty will pay labor. I'll pay for a change so my oil doesn't look like a cappuchino.
4) Typical rear end creaking. This time it is likely to be the same Shock insert rubbing and I'll bet on a cracked mount on the right side :thumbdwn:

I hope it can be fixed! :mad:
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The HACK said:
Did you ever upgrade your shockmounts to the Cic/M3 mounts?
No, but I will eventually.

The spacer rubbing doesn't have to to with the cracks and thats the annoying thing.
The HACK said:

What's cracked, the rubber bushing or the actual mount?

Maybe you can try the Ground Control solid aluminum shock mount. :dunno:
The actual mount, I believe. The left mount has been replaced twice. Once last year, then again two weeks ago when it "showed signs of cracking" It was replaced while looking at the part called the "Shock Insert", which was also replaced a few weeks ago. Sorry, I don't have the PNs, they are in the car. Shock was replaced too.

I doubt the left mount cracked again in two weeks, but I asked them to check the right mount because the left has cracked twice and I forget if that was replaced as well last year :dunno:

I may have to go with the ground control eventually, maybe when I get new shocks :dunno:
TD said:
I did the E46 M3 (CiC) mounts and Z3 reinforcement plates when I replaced my shocks the other weekend. The whole back end feels tighter. Highly recommended.
I think I may go with GC when I get around to it.

Do E36 M3s have weak mounts too :dunno:
Quite a bit more than the OEMs though

I don't think that I need the racing mounts though...
TD said:

The GCs are not only a good bit more expensive, but they also seriously degrade ride quality. I'd only do them if I was doing SERIOUS track time on a car that is not a daily driver.
I'll bet they do :p

I just don't want to replace them every 6 months :p

GC sure does make some cool track suspesnion stuff. My instuctor in June had an E30 M3 (Hellrot) with GC coils. Super stiff, but felt a bit loose (twitchy). Maybe he set them a bit too stiff....
The HACK said:

OEMs will run you about $50 total if you buy new nuts and the Z3 bracket.
I'd be willing to pay more for mounts that for sure won't crack :p
scottn2retro said:
How did you crack the dead pedal? :dunno:
in_d_haus said:
I dunno, the GCs look stiffer, but :dunno:
PM 325xiT said:

Well you are a big boy, but isn't your foot closer to the clutch usually:confused:
The dead pedal is used as a brace in turns as well :)
I don't think there was a MY 1991 M3 in the US :confused:
Sounds like Phil could use an E30 :thumbup:
PM 325xiT said:

Yes I could :bigpimp:

ANy one willing to hide it for me:dunno: :angel:
obvious joke:

Hide it under your monster truck wagon :angel:
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