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Car Audio: Infinity BassLink

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Hello All.
I don't have HK sound, but wanted to increase the bass response on my factory system without doing any major modifications and without spending too much ca$h. I've been looking at the Infinity BassLink powered sub, and was wondering if anyone has any experience with it? I'm not looking for booming bass, just a little better response that I currently have. Looks like you can get one for around $300.
Would I have to get line-level converter for it as well (it has low and high level inputs already on it)?
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Most cars I've put them in sound silly too me, and great to the person. You would need line-out adapter, rca's, and a short power wire.
dduk said:

So does that mean you wanna sell yours?
I'll sale you one......
dduk said:

Uhhhhhhh, how much?:eek:
They go for $400 retail. I can let it got for $295.
dduk said:

Uhhhhhhh, you can find them new on the internet for $220. :thumbdwn: I was thinking something more in the lines of $100 shipped . . .
heck no. $220 is basically cost. $100 is a "if i stole it out of someones car" price
1 - 5 of 11 Posts
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