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My bmw 2004 (316i) 158tkm petrol has weird problem. If by mistake i could not release clutch properly in first gear the car turn off and when I turn it on again it goes into limp mode and EML plus Engine lights appear. Car wo'nt accelerate properly and hardly it goes 80km/h. After driving home when I start next day EML light goes off and car drive is normal but engine light stays on. but again if I could not release clutch properly sometimes the car turn off in first gear, the limp mode and EML, Engine lights comes on. This thing has happened five times with me
My friend has scanner and these codes always comes

2a67 valve output, control is incorrect. Instantaneous failure detected.
2a6b motor power limitation, part / function activated. The fault is not affecting driving.
Can anybody tell me what can be possible problem with my car.:cry: Thanks
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