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Over the past few months, I noticed my 97 M3 car start to moan every time I would slowly (normally) accelerate and brake and begin to slow down. I also felt this moaning in the form of a smooth vibration in the pedals. When I turn the music and air all the way down and come to a stop and accelerate from a stop, the moaning is relatively loud and it sounds like something pretty bad is going on.

Unfortunately I haven't had time to take it into my mechanic, but I had noticed that my check coolant message would come on every once in a while, and I realized that when temperatures got up to 70-75 last week, this moaning and vibration had almost disappeared. This is what made me think it might be the coolant/antifreeze.

Therefore, does anyone have any suggestions? If it is the antifreeze level, should I do a full flush, or could I simply add it (50/50) to the system and if not is the flush/replacement an easy DIY? Also, are there absolutely no substitutes for BMW coolant?

Sorry for all the questions, I'm no mechanic. However embarrassing it is, I know nothing about cars, I just know I like mine fast and fun ;). Any suggestions would be awesome.

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