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Car not driveable... grinding noise but no fault message

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I've had absolutely 0 problem in my X5d since I picked it up in September 2010 and it's got 23,500 miles so far. But today, I was pulling out of a parking lot into a street and as I accelerated, all of a sudden I heard a strange grinding noise, which sounded like it was coming from the front passenger side wheel/tire. Also I noticed that the car felt very sluggish and wouldn't accelerate.

I immediately pulled into another parking lot, opened the hood, looked at the engine. Engine was running fine, no strange noise, nothing out of the ordinary. I looked at all the wheels and tires, and again nothing looked out of the ordinary. But if I drive it, as I accelerate there's that grinding noise again.

Throughout all this, there was no message on iDrive or any fault light on the cluster. I tried shutting the engine off and restarting it again, but same thing.

So the SOS button it was. They sent a flat bed truck but I had to wait 1 hour and 15 minutes.

At the dealership, fortunately my trusted SA was there. He test drove the car and confirmed the grinding noise. But he couldn't guess what could be the problem. They'll look at it tomorrow and let me know.

Anyway... any guesses out there what it's going to be? To recap the symptoms are 1) strange noise like a grinding noise that occurs only during acceleration 2) car is sluggish and won't accelerate, 3) no message whatsoever on iDrive or instrument cluster

I'm guessing something with transmission or maybe torque converter but this will definitely trigger a fault message, right?
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sound like CV or transmission related. It can also be a stuck brake caliper.
Stuck brake caliper would be my guess, or broken cv joint
The good news it was under warranty! Let us know what it turned out to be.:angel:
and let us know who is your trusted SA / dealership in Bay Area...
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