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okay so I have had this problem for months now and troubleshot different things and I now know the problem is not the batterry (replaced with new one already) or starter or anything else..the problem is with the EWS and key recognition process....

when I turn the key to the on position and try starting the car will not start unless I wait to hear a clicking relay sound first coming from buttom left side of the steering wheel which I believe is where the EWS is the problem is simple, when I turn the key to on position, if I hear the relay switch on EWS, I can start the car with no problem, if I dont hear it, it seems as if the key hasn't been recognized and the car won't start...

now after searching the forms I know the problem could be either a faulty key or faulty ignition switch, but is there anyway I can pin point exactly which one before I spend money on buying a new key or ignition switch? Unfortunately I don't have any spare key or even the valley key so can't just try a different key unless paying 200$ to buy a new one :(....also on forms someone suggested locking the car and trying to unlock the car using the key from outside then if the car disarms i know my car is fine, however my car was broken into before and the lock cylinder on the door is broken so I can't use the key to unlock the door.....

if you can think of ANYTHING I could try it would greatly be appreciated otherwise I guess I just have to try one or the other and just hope that will solve the problem and the EWS system itself is not messed up?!

p.s. I have whole bunch of fault codes that I need to pull and I bought a bmw scanner/code reader from ebay but could never get it to communicate with the car properly :(
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