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Car Off to Get Corner Balanced

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I think the shocks of my new H&R coilovers that I recently installed are finally broken in and as a result, the car will be getting corner balanced and realigned in the next few hours.

I apologize for not having a picture of my car to post, but I left the CP995 at home. But then again, some of you might have asked, "Where are the CHs?". I put on the M68s shodded with A032Rs yesterday evening for the corner balancing, while the CHs received a nice coat of wax or two.

I love the way the A032Rs sing/"humm" to me while driving on them! :D I'm pretty excited to take the new setup to the track in the next week or two for a couple of events to finish the season off. :thumbup:
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dredmo said:
I was commenting to another board member how awful it is to to suspension work in pieces, and that it is better to do it all at once, then re check everything a couple months later for saftey, and performance reasons.

Just wondering if you did it in pieces or all at once? And exactly what all have you done to your suspension?

I was thinking of getting some sway bars and some strut tire braces, actually thats probably the only mods ill ever do, maybe a CAI, but I'm not too sure what the best avenue of upgrade would be.
Check my site for my suspension upgrades and upgrades in general:
Well after putting my new H&R coilovers to work with 500 or so miles of SPIRITED driving last week :D, the shocks were broken in and the car was ready for its corner balancing session and "competition" alignment (which took place a few days ago). In short, I am more than pleased with the results. I'm now ready to have some more ///Ms and P-cars for lunch to finish the season off :D

Driver weight: 205 lbs.
Fuel level: 1/2 tank
Wheels/Tires: M68s with 235/40-17 A032Rs

LF: 889 lbs
RF: 861 lbs
LR: 826 lbs
RR: 826 lbs

Total: 3,402 lbs.
1.0° rake and 50.5% cross weight


LF (camber, caster, toe): -1.5°, 5.4°, 0.02"
RF (camber, caster, toe): -1.4°, 5.5°, 0.01"
FRONT(cross camber, cross caster, total toe, set back): -0.1°, -0.1°, 0.04", 0.17°

LR (camber, toe): -2.1°, 0.11"
RR (camber, toe): -2.2°, 0.11"

REAR (total toe, thrust angle): 0.22", 0.00°
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in_d_haus said:

Oh really????!! Be careful what you ask for bud, ya might just get more than you asked for! :D
They might get more than they asked for ;) :D
1 - 4 of 9 Posts
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