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Car Off to Get Corner Balanced

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I think the shocks of my new H&R coilovers that I recently installed are finally broken in and as a result, the car will be getting corner balanced and realigned in the next few hours.

I apologize for not having a picture of my car to post, but I left the CP995 at home. But then again, some of you might have asked, "Where are the CHs?". I put on the M68s shodded with A032Rs yesterday evening for the corner balancing, while the CHs received a nice coat of wax or two.

I love the way the A032Rs sing/"humm" to me while driving on them! :D I'm pretty excited to take the new setup to the track in the next week or two for a couple of events to finish the season off. :thumbup:
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For a non-track guy (yet) . . .

what's the process for corner balancing? I noticed you did not do it right away after installing the parts. :dunno:
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