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Car shut down. 95 530i

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Had my ac today and as I was backing out the drive way and turn the steering wheel, car just cut off. Cut the ac off and I started the car again, drove fine. Came back parked it for a hr or so got back in as soon as I pulled off from red light, the car shut off once again. Check the intake it was tight, any ideas on what it may be?
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Does your idle increase when you turn the AC on? It should bump up about ~100 RPMs or so since the AC compressor draws off the main crank. It sounds like an issue where the AC compressor is taking away too much of your power from the engine.

I am not surprised it died while turning as well, since the power steering pump draws some power from the crank as well.
Yeah, the idle goes down I turn the ac on. And anytime I have it on and I'm about to turn it feels like it's hard to turn.
When I turn it on*
Something is not communicating with your engine to increase the RPMs once the AC is turned on. It might be a good idea to clean your ICV and MAF.
Ac clutch is locking up, happened on my f150. Everytime you'd turn on the ac it would kill the engine.
I wouldn't WD40 it because it's so close to internal ignition and high heat. Just throwing that out incase you thought of doing it
The clutch is supposed to lock up (no sieze if that is what M540fella ment). You need the idle-up for power steer and a/c. Could be idle control unit or wires to it.
Yes I meant the ac clutch is seizing.However you would a loud scream if that was the problem. Try the above solutions.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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