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back story,
I was going from North Carolina to South Carolina when I noticed my a/c was blowing a mist out of the vent(super cool too)[Fast forward two hours] I came off the highway(cruise control set to around 73) I came to a immediate red light, when my car started idling really low and near stalling, with a strange smell in the cabin, then in sync the rpms started bouncing and the CEL flashed, when the car stalled 3 seconds later the cabin filled with a strange smoke, I paused for maybe 5 mins baffled at what I was seeing I then cranked it up as the light turned green, I drove it home and parked it because that night (July 11th 2012) I had to travel across country for military training,

Now: I just came home and decided to take the car out to see if the issue came I have zero A/C....the compressor engaged the fuses are all fine but warm air comes out...heat works but a/c just doesn't

one thing is it makes the classic a/c engaging hissing noise that almost every car i've owned made but it never quits... heres a video of this.

normally I would just suck it up, but I can't tell my two year old son to "suck it up its only 105 outside"

any help would be greatly appreciated, yes I tried the search engine...nothing


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A good start might be to remove the glove box then remove the passenger-side foot well inboard panel. From there you can remove the cover for the evaporator coil / expansion valve which sit directly inside the HVAC assembly. Snoop around in there with your nose and a strong light, see if any of the a/c fittings are leaking oil and or refrigerant (if any is left).

IIRC that pretty much covers any A/C parts in the cabin. I think any remaining line fittings are located in the engine bay...but don't quote me on that.

Best wishes getting your cold air back. :(
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