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My BMW E46 wont start. The car just went dead on me. upon checking with diagnostic machine and trying to reset codes, a few could not clear and showed the following:
1. valvetronic, eccentric shaft sensor 1 code 2A59
2. valvetronic, eccentric shaft sensor Code 2A5B
3. Valvetronic internal fault. Code 2A67
4. Outside temperature sensor plausibility Code 2F99

Before it went dead on me the fuel guage was showing quater full, so I suspected it could have run out of fuel. I put in 30 liters of fuel but when I try to start it would crank but not start.

I had items 1 and 2 changed but when I inserted the keys into the ignition, the key could not turn and the break paddle was just stiff even when I try to play around with the key. The Key is stuck at the ZERO position . please help:(
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