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Thank you everyone for the post! I have added optional warranty for peace of mind.

I can't wait to get it installed! Contacted local GA Dealer and I guess they are purchasing the controller for me, made an appointment with them for 8/29.

BTW with increased HP and TQ does it require specific oil weight? Been using genuine BMW 0W30
You will not require any different spec oil. Piggybacks in general are solid performance increases, but they are mild compared to bench ECU tunes. I went with the Dinan V.2 piggy back last year. It was pretty much the same price you are paying and also backed up the factory warranty. This doesn't mean that BMW looks the other way on the tune, it means if BMW determines that the tune caused an issue, they will deny the warranty work. When this happens, Dinan or Carbahn's warranty kicks in and they are supposed to pay. Dinan stopped including this warranty about 6 months ago and they reduced the price of their piggyback by $1,000.

What bugs me about Carbahn is the pricing. You can pay $1,000 with no warranty or $2,000 for a warranty for the same product. You either stand by your product or you don't. That's how I think about it.
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