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New to the forum for posting, although have been a stalker for a some 5 years :). Have a year old F32 435D Xdrive with 18K miles on the clock so thought I would share my experience. Great car, love it, amazing balance of power, economy and every day car.

Appreciate the 435D is not available in the US but as it shares the same engine with the 335D I believe this hopefully will help other with the same symptoms.

Recently had the warning light come on twice with an error with the front transmission and go into reduced power mode but would reset when the car was turned off and on again and then the engine fault light came on 3 days ago. Took it into BMW garage and it has just been returned after having a brand new inlet manifold fitted under warranty due to excessive CBU. If not in warranty this work would have cost £1200.

I have read that the older 335D and X5 had this problem but in BMW words it looked like a car that had about 60K on the clock of town trips. The trouble is I drive fast, hard and almost every journey I do is over 45 minutes so this surely is an issue with the engine design. Just wanted views.

For information when they ran tests the faults where logged for Charge Pressure, Air Mass and EGR system. Ran further tests for charge pressure and swirl flap actuation, carried out ISID test procedure and found ports were actuating slowly when opening and closing. When removed inlet manifold found heavy sooting that needed manifold replacement.

It is interesting as I bought the car with 6K mile on it and after this work it feels better than it ever did, it used to jolt in sport mode and this got steadily worse and got louder when on idle on start up about 1K miles before the engine fault light came on.

Obviously BMW have sorted it and that is great but slightly concerned it could be back within 12 months given this experience. I know the 4 Series is relatively new but anyone else had this experience with the 435D or newer 335D.
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