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Carbon Fiber Emblems

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Well after seeing how good the Blue CF Emblems look I've decided to replace mine with a whole set of CF emblems. I was going to replace the wheel center caps with OE ones but after seeing this set I think I'm going to replace them with these.

When I get home in a few weeks I'll put them on and let you guys know what the deal is. Going with all original emblems would be about the same price and also has the steering wheel emblem to go with it.
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Hmmm... Something like this is akin to flushing money straight down the toilet. Why bother spending big bucks for real carbon fiber for some questionably tacky aftermarket badges? I'm sure you could get OEM badges for much less.

OEM Wheel caps: ($11.87/ea)
OEM Trunk/Hood emblems: ($24.06/ea)

Total: $95.60

But you can find OEM looking aftermarket parts for way less, but quality (i.e. UV protection) may vary.
Yea I know its a gamble, I'm trying to find a cheaper set on ebay. I just really like the way they would look on my car.
Whatever floats your boat. ;) I bet some folks here have purchased badges/emblems from eBay, so hopefully they will chime in and provide some insight.
Yea hopefully, trust me I do not like the idea of throwing money away which is why I'm still hesitant.
eBay for stuff like that. I bought my M3 badge for $15 bucks. JUST the "M" was over 40 at the dealer.
Well ended up ordering some different ones off a well rated ebay seller. $70 shipped to me and if the quality is poor I'm just going to send them back for a refund.
Cool. Let us know how they turn out.
Will do, should be here tomorrow.

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Well I bit the bullet and ordered a different set of emblems off of ebay. Got them for $70 and shipping was free. Got them in the mail today, they feel solid look great, and should look even better on my car. Take a look.

Front and Rear of Hood/Trunk Emblem



Front and Rear Of Center Caps



Steering Wheel Emblem

They look good! I hope they're durable. :thumbup:
Yea so do I, I'll put them on this weekend and snap some pics as well as keep everyone updated on how they hold up.
Some pics of them installed


Wheel Center Cap

Fit and finish was excellent, the hood and trunk emblem sit nice and flush and the wheel center caps fit nice and tight into the rims. Really pleased with these so far, we'll see how they hold up against the sun and the elements over the coming months.
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