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Carbon fiber trim kit for all e46 sedans

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Hello there,
I recently purchased a complete 100% carbon fiber trim kit that fits all e46 sedans. I only needed the ebrake and the shifter, thus I have all 8 pieces remaining. They are in superb condition and are really nice. I have the same set up on my car and love it. Here are a few pics of the same exact kit on my car.
UUC sells the same kit for 599. Please email offers to [email protected]. Thanks!
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Best offer above 275 takes it. The kit is really nice guys. I promise you will not be disappointed. Here's the correct link to pics:
How well does this kit fit above the radio? I just installed the UUC kit and it sticks out around the radio just a bit.
Hey Kaz,
Its really not that bad. I'll take a pic or 2 today and will post it later. Hw do you like the quality of your kit?
Overall, I think its well done. They seem to have used a different base for the pattern than my stock trim, as the backs look totally different. They are quite heavy (sorta ironic, as this is CF :D ) and very sturdy. The door pieces fit very nicely, as do the left and right dash pieces. The center radio trim sticks out, although it now matches how the lower dash sticks out around the bottom of the HVAC panel. I also had to do some minor Dremeling to get the shifter console to push forward far enough to get the bottom to drop in.
As far as fitting the pieces, they all were easy to install. No dremeling necessary. The other pieces are perfect fits. It does stick out a tiny bit but is hardly noticable. Overall, Im very happy with it!


OK, mine looks identical to that. Thanks!
Anytime Kaz:)
Ok - I have a strange question about the cf trim-

The regular high gloss trim that I have (and the wood trim too), kind of squeaks and bends when you press it or when the car is on a bumpy road. Does the cf trim do this too (can you press it in with your finger and hear a popping, cracking or squeaking noise like you can w/ the std e46 trims) or is it stiff and solid?

Is there a trim kit simlar to this that uses real brushed aluminum (unlike the plastic matte chrome found on BMW"s "brushed aluminum" kits).
I dont hear any creaking noises. The carbon fiber trim is real solid and well made, imo. I dont think you can push it in. Not sure about the other types of trims. Sorry about that Rob.
My CF door pieces squeak if you push up against it, since I think it fits up against the vinyl of the door panel a little tighter than stock. I've only driven with it for a day, though, and I haven't heard any noises while driving, but I dind't hear any from the stock trim either.
I have a question for you guys-

HOw much do you think it would cost to get a CF version of the rear shelf of a sedan made? I hate the flexy, creaky, crappy one that's on the car. Who would be able to do something like that, and how much would it probably cost? It actually wouldn't have to be CF-- it could be higher quality plastic too (like it was on older BMWs)... I know its a bit insane-- but I just really hate the crappiness of that part in particular and it is responsible for its fair share of rattles, squeaks and other noises. Ideally, I'd also like to get a better quality version of the steering column trim since the cheap plastic they use there also snaps, crackles and squeaks.
IMO there's way too much cheap creaky plastic in the car to bother trying to deal with it all. The parts that really annoy me are the inner dorsills.
Are you talking about the parts on the rear door sills that have the little square indentation in them? Yes, those suck too. I just hate that rear deck with a passion. I figured maybe someone who has done one of those crazy monster stereo installs might've replaced that piece with a custom built piece- maybe i should try over at e46fanatics. Then again, i'm not really willing to fork over big bucks for this (maybe $100)...
Kaz said:
IMO there's way too much cheap creaky plastic in the car to bother trying to deal with it all. The parts that really annoy me are the inner dorsills.
There is a company in Germany that makes a custom rear deck with like a dozen speakers in it. :D

What's the name of the company--- I'm actually curious...:)
Still for sale. 350 shipped takes it!
Wow, I don't understand how it can't already be sold. Within 8 hours of me posting my STOCK black trim, I got 5 offers. The CF is SO much nicer than stock black!
Its strange. I thought for sure it would be sold asap for the price I'm offering it for.
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