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I e-mailed about the Carbon Fiber trim for the E46 Coupe. I had also asked whether or not the trim would replace the leather armrest or just fit the original trim.

Here's the message.

Dear sir,

The price is as follow:

CF trim sedan $450
CF trim coupe $750
CF Automatic shiftknob $120
CF manual Shiftknob $60
CF E-brake $60
CF M3 Wing $300 (soon)
CF kidney grill coupe/sedan $300 (soon)
CF headlight trim $550 (soon)
CF M3 mirror with motor $950 (soon)
CF M3 mirror without motor $650 (soon) Original motor can be re-used
CF M3 Gills $750 (soon)

All the price above doesn't include shipping charges. Price may change without notice.


Jastien Weiss
Klasse Sports Service
Custom Carbon Fiber fabrication
650 468 5579

because of high demand of carbon fibre we ran out of stock , you can order but you must wait for 2 weeks or less . the arm rest will be replaced by the carbon fibre for coupe


Not bad at all. I am a bit surprised it is $300 more for the coupe than the sedan, but these prices are still the best I've seen. I am seriously considering buying these. I sent an e-mail concerning a group buy. As soon as I get a response I will post this here and at fanatics. I would like to get the Coupe price down at least $100 or so.
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