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carbon tank full and I only use Premium 93oct gas--WTF?

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ok, I apologize for my expletive....BUT, I spend beaucoup bucks on only premium gasolines that "supposedly" have cleaning additives, yet...... my mechanic said that I had fuel deposits from gas s/ cleaning additives and my carbon fuel tank was full and blocked so it had to be replaced.
I took it in because I was getting fed up with the inability to fill my tank without the fuel shutting off every 30". I pulled out the nozzle, put it back... etc... no help. Tried several gas stations.... no help. I had to resort to filling and stopping to look at my fuel gauge to see when it was full because the shut off was not working correctly.
I'm at just over 58k now and never had these problems before the last 1k miles.
Any clues?? I haven't filled it since they fixed it today, so we'll see if it's really "fixed".:mad:
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I have read about someone having a similar issue. How much did you pay or was it covered by CPO?
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