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Discussion Starter · #1 · (Edited) would like to introduce ourselves to fellow BMW enthusiasts!

We are dedicated to helping car shoppers, especially car enthusiasts, find the best all-original vehicles and avoid purchasing wrecks!

The Carfidant Tool is a paint thickness gauge which can be used to electronically measure the thickness of the paint on a vehicle and quickly and easily identify any previous body work.

This is the only real physical way to verify if a vehicle is all original. Many accidents and events are not reported to CarFax or AutoCheck and these vehicle history reports provide a false sense of security. fills this gap!

Paint thickness meters are constantly used by auto dealers but are generally expensive ($500+) and have always been kept a secret from consumers.

Click Here for Sample Vehicle Inspection Results

Our rental rates start at $39.99 and include FREE SHIPPING!
Use coupon "BIMMER" for 15% Off!

Visit us at for more information!

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