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Cars & Coffee v.8.11 *You name it edition*

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You name it edition...because I really couldn't come up with a name for this edition of my kinda sorta weekly C&C post. Anyone have any idea what I should have called it?

I was only at C&C for about an hour this past weekend as I had a cruise event to go to. I normally stay at C&C from 6:30am 'til about 10am. But this time I took off at 8am.

This past weekends show was kind of light compared to previous weekends. I say it can be blamed on the crazy humid heat we've been having and on the fact that Pebble Beach is this weekend so a lot of the car guys in the area were getting ready for that.

I'm super excited about this weekend at Pebble Beach though I don't know what shows I'll be able to get into and am not exactly sure where I will sleep. But I'm sure I'll definitely have some good stories to tell when I get back.

Anyways enjoy the pics from this past weekend. Let me know what you guys think:

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