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Caster issue

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I recently replaced my '92 318i's lower control arm and bushings. After doing that I was able to trust more in the feel back in the steering wheel, having to use very little pressure or back pressure to hold a turn especially at near lock. Going over things in my head I realized that the picture in the Bentley had the bushing in the middle of the area for it on the control arm, however it was all the way on when I took off the old ones from my car. I did what the manual said and put the bushings where they were previously, however I believe that is the wrong place and some previous mechanic was short coming with his work. My Question is now how do I return it to where it belongs, what is the process for figuring out the placement of the bushing on the control arm. And being on a budget I don not want to hear to take it to BMW.
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If you mean the slots in the non-M FCAB, yes, it does make a difference:

"New bushings usually come separate from the wishbone brackets. Press the bushing into the bracket using a vise or an industrial press. Make sure the bushing is centered width-wise in the bracket when you have finished pressing it into the wishbone. Each bushing has a small arrow cast into the rubber that should line up with the corresponding dot on the outside of the wishbone bracket (inset photo)."

(from the Pelican Parts DIY)


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