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Caster issue

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I recently replaced my '92 318i's lower control arm and bushings. After doing that I was able to trust more in the feel back in the steering wheel, having to use very little pressure or back pressure to hold a turn especially at near lock. Going over things in my head I realized that the picture in the Bentley had the bushing in the middle of the area for it on the control arm, however it was all the way on when I took off the old ones from my car. I did what the manual said and put the bushings where they were previously, however I believe that is the wrong place and some previous mechanic was short coming with his work. My Question is now how do I return it to where it belongs, what is the process for figuring out the placement of the bushing on the control arm. And being on a budget I don not want to hear to take it to BMW.
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The installation process for the E36 and E46 is identical. The only difference is the E36 control arm bushing mount area is round and the E46 has a hexagonal cross section. If you used the BMW recommended lube, the "drying" is to all intents done about 30 minutes after you've applied it. I suspect the bushings will find their correct location with a bit of driving regardless and the lube is more needed to get them positioned so you can bolt them to the car frame.
Side question, what is the BMW recommended lube?
1 - 1 of 26 Posts
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