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Had my ccv fail and caused my engine to hydrolock while idling in the driveway. Going to be tackling the CCV replacement job this upcoming weekend with a guy who works mainly on domestic cars and has a shop with all the tools I will need. Have already cleared the cylinder of oil and engine seemed to run fine for the drive home, havnt driven it since to be safe. Ive read up on the DIY here and this is the parts list that Im thinking of ordering/instaling. Hopefully alot of preventive maintenance but since I'm going to be tearing my car apart I was wondering if there was anything else I should be replacing/checking at the same time or if anything on the list isnt needed to be replaced. Part # and terminology with my terminology in (). My cars production code is DT63. Im only 23 so just starting my weekend mechaic career outside of the easy jobs like oil changes, ect so any and all help is greatly appreciated.

Part #
13547505838 Rubber Boot (Mass Sensor Intake Boot)
13547505836 Rubber Boot (Throttle Housing Intake Boot)
13327503677 Support (Air Hose connector to Intake Boot)
11361705532 Oil Pipe (Vanos Oil Pipe)
32411093596 Gasket Ring x 4 (For Vanos Oil Pipe)
11611436631 Profile Gasket Set (Intake Manifold Gasket)
11611440318 Distribution Piece (Intake Manifold Distribution Piece)
11617502761 O Ring x 6 (Distribution Piece O Rings)
11611437453 Rubber Grommet (ICV Grommet)
11431717666 O Ring x 2 (Dipstick O Ring)
11431740045 O Ring (Dipstick Tube O Ring)
13547504729 Profile Gasket (Throttle Housing Gasket)
11617533400 Pressure Regulator Valve (Insulated CCV)
11617533398 Vent Pipe (Insulated CCV Vent Pipe)
11617533399 Connecting Line (Insulated CCV Vent Hose from Vent Valve)
11157532629 Vent Hose (Insulated CCV Vent Hose to Dipstick)
11727545323 Vacuum Hose (Vacuum Hose to CCV)
11617504536 Return Pipe (CCV Return Pipe)
11617545382 Sucking Jet Pump (Vacuum Valve Assy with hoses)
11129070990 Profile Gasket Set (Valve Cover and Spark Plug Gasket Set)
11121437395 Rubber Seal x 15 (Valve Cover Nut Seal)
11421719855 Gasket (Oil Filter Housing Gasket)

Thanks again for all the help . When im done Ill be adding pics and give my best shot at a DIY. Dont wanna be a mooch on this forum forever.
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