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CD changer instal question - what to do with leftover parts?

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I've got an '01 325Ci in which I installed the cd changer in the left side of the trunk a couple of weeks after gettnig the car. As I didn't get the nav I had to get the new trim panel, bracket, and oddments tray. I've had the original bits sitting in my closet not knowing what to do with them. I feel bad tossing them as they are in basically new condition and I figure someone's got to have a use for them somewhere. Any thoughts? Thanks.
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Post them on the 'For Sale' forum.
Alex - is there a market to sell these? Can you siuggest a fair price to sell them at?

fuz - the dollar's yours as long as we get to post an mpeg of you eating them... :)

What has anyone else done with these bits?
Sitting on a shelf in the garage collecting dust. :dunno:
Yep, me too. Plus I have an the old dead pedal and steering wheel trim....
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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