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cd changer install help needed!!!

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can someone PLEASE help me. SO i got my car this weekend and let me say first, I am obsessed. I keep pinching myself to check if this is a dream or not. There are no words that can describe the drive of the car, the handeling, the feeling you get just sitting in it, the feeling you get looking at it when walking away after parking it.. sigh.

anyways...i need some help please. I tried to install the cd changer. everything went smooth until it was time to plug it into the wires in the trunk. I only found two different plugs and they fit into the back of the changer. However, there is one small round plug still there. my cd changer won't power up or be recognized by the nav system. are there 3 wires that go into the changer? if so, where is the 3rd wire? i took the little plug out of the navigation system and plugged it into the 3rd slot on the cd changer. it fit but still didn't power up. so im guessing a similar plug should be there for the changer. i only found two wires in the bundle behind the mounting bracket. PLEASE HELP! im guessing one is for the power. one is the audio out..and the other a possible negative for the power?!!? but i cant find it. and i dont want to go back to the dealer looking like a [email protected]$$ and paying a 100$$ for installation!!!!

THANKS in advance!!!
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Hey JB. wow..glad to hear your stuff works. Mine still doesnt! i thought there should be only 2 plugs but I also have the HK too. I think I might be missing a 3rd plug cause there is a 3rd one free.

ON a brighter note...the dealer called me and said if I can promise them an excellent rating when BMWNA calls me for the survey, he will give me free floor mats and help me install the changer. I hope he keeps his word..

If anyone else knows about the cd changer installation and the number of wires to plug in on a car with NAV and HK, PLEASE HELP!!!
hmm ya. the two cables plug perfectly into the cd changer. i removed the shipping screws but havent covered the holes with the dust covers yet. However...even after plugging the two cables in...the cd changer won't even power. i did make the mistake to insert the cd magazine before I had the changer plugged in and powered up but that shouldn't affect the power should it? also, will the changer only power up if the horizontal mounts are set and the changer is horizontal? I tried to just check the power to the changer but it was placed vertically on the trunk floor while I plugged the cables in. Should i try to place it horizontally and then try powering it up?

I did not get a spare fuse but I dont think its blown out. the connectors are still joined..

thanks for the help guys...
i got the OEM changer from Circle BMW. All the cables plug in fine so i dont think i need an adaptor. arg. this is so frustrating....does anyone know if I have to make the cd changer mount horizontal before it will power up?!?!
yea i noticed that too. i dont think that should be the problem becuase I heard the part numbers got updated or something for the changer. i HOPE thats not the problem or im gonna be pissed. I really hope Circle will take it back and exchange it!

:mad: :mad:

I need my cd changer working!!!! :bawling: :bawling:
thanks JB!! NOPE!! this is what i did. I plugged and screwed the changer in. im going to take my car in this sat. morning for a service appt. (dealer forgot a couple of my car/key memory settings :rolleyes: ). then i am just going to claim that the cd changer doesnt work and ask them to fix it or replace it under warranty.. cause it doesnt work!!! and i have BOTH the wires plugged in. still cant find the 3rd wire but i dont think it should need one!!

if i buy the cd changer from a dealer other than the one I take it to it still covered under warranty!? its the OEM changer that I bought from circle bmw....should be right?!?!
Hey DS...

can you tell me exactly which cd changer and adaptor you used? I might have to go that route...sigh sigh..ill find out this sat. morning.

and about that rattle in the door panel.. what CAN you do about it?! it is soooooooo annoying...:rolleyes: :mad:
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