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CD Changer

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Do you have it and is it worth the $$$ or can you get one elsewhere?
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might want to try searching the archives for this one....

It's been discussed once or two thousand time.
I got it

Definetly worth the $350 i paid for it. Its BMW OEM and functions flawlessly, unlike aftermarket ones. It was a straight plug and play.
I bought the one sold by

It is a Pioneer 12 CD Changer with a BMWPILA adapter for $329.00 total (the 6 CD Changer is $295.00). You do not even need the installation kit from BMW because it can be installed on the left plastic tray in the trunk (I indeed bought only the trunk trim to protect the Changer and to have an OEM look, but you do not have to). The Changer does not skip, I have 12 instead of 6 Cd's and if you are into the MP3 music, the adapter comes with an AUX IN port (RCA) for an external device to be played thru the factory system with no extra modification. And it is a real plug and play installation.

So far I am very happy with it.
Regarding the 12-disc CD changer purchased at:

1) How do you access CD's 7 thru 12?
2) Are the steering wheel audio controls functional with this CD changer?
3) What model & year vehicle is this installed on?

How did you mount that cd changer in the tray?

I'm trying to mount my Sony 10 disc cd/mp3 changer and was planning to use Velcro (had started another thread).

Thought about aftermarket....

Decided on the factory unit after shopping around. Couldn't get a straight answer from the aftermarket guys abut how well it will work and if it's going to mess up other stuff in the car - liability issues.

Decided to pay the extra bucks and get the factory unit. I was pleasantly surpised to get all the hardware - bracket, trunk liner, etc.....

Good thing is that it also keeps the warranty issues intact.

I've read some of our fellow readers have had good success with the aftermarket.

Choice is yours.

My case, I'm just to buzy to take chances and the cost difference wasn't as bad as I had thought.
Well, I used the velcro, with the unit resting horizontally on the tray. I suppose some people know this, but I know first hand: don't mess with alternative mountings and the horizontal and vertical settings on the changer. I now know what the innards of a changer look like, and it wasn't pretty. All together now (luckily) except for final wiring, and must try mp3 files.
Steveww, VelvetFoot

1. Discs 7-12 are accessed by pressing buttons #1-6 twice , for disc 7 you press button #1 twice, disc 8, press button #2 twice and so on.

2. There is no negative effect in the steering wheel buttons, they continue to be operational.

3. This is installed in a 2002 330i.

4. Because I wanted the OEM look in the trunk, I bought the BMW trunk carpeting for the CD Changer but not the installation kit with all the brackets. I measured the brackets and the changer will not fit. Maybe with some modifications can be possible but I did not want to keep spending money in something that I can fix in another way. Therefore I cut the OEM tray enough in the left side of the trunk to fit the changer behind the new trunk trim and still can use the same tray with the new trim without looking 'chopped'. If you are not interested in using the CD Changer trunk trim (and save $60.00) you can use the OEM left trunk tray and install the Changer there without trimming it.

Good Luck
This is a Sony unit that plays mp3's. I'm using velcro and it seems to work ok. I don't think there are any secret codes to get it to tracks 7-10 (it's a 10-cd unit) - you have to get to the end of the track. BTW, it seems to handle the mp3 file nesting, so they don't all have to be in the root directory.
thanks for the 6+ disc access info


I just ordered a 10 disc Sony MP3 changer the other day and should have it later this week. I was wondering if accessing 7-10 would be a pain - doesn't sound like it will.

Does the display indicate the correct disc number (ie, does it say disc "8" or "9" or whatever)?

Which Sony changer did you get? Do you happen to know if it fits in the OEM mount location with the brackets? (I realize you are doing an alternative mount, but I figured I would ask). I haven't decided yet if I want to go with the OEM mount, or simply have it exposed in the trunk. Seems like I will lose more trunk space than necessary if I change out the panels just for this. I believe the new carpet and trim adds space for the changer and Nav, which I don't have.

I did pull my trunk liner and left-side tray this weekend and found what I believe to be the CD changer connections just underneath the tray. (I have a cic, so this may be different from what others have come across.) This should be a very simple install if I can just figure out where to mount the changer itself.
rawskyb, I still have to fool around with it, but it will be harder to get to 7-10 with the Soundgate adapter, I believe. I'm still figuring how to mount it and its mp3 capabilities, in which I'm a neophyte.

Just don't get the darn cassette stuck like I did!
I would stay away from Soundgate adapters, though. I bought an used one and an Alpine Changer at eBay and the sucker does not work (my own fault, never buy used electronics). Right now I am trying to get my money back thru the credit card company.

Discs 7-9 are shown in the radio display. Discs 10-12 are shown one number at a time (flashing 1 and 0, 1 and 1, and 1 and 2).
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