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Adrian 330Ci'01 said:
Has anyone else experienced a problem when ejecting CDs? Mine often makes it about half of the way out, then goes back in. You can hear the motor wirring. Any fix or TSB reference?

I have so many problems with my stereo (cliking in background, loud click often when turning it on, CDs advance when unit is off) that I feel I really have a lemon deck. I have asked BMW to replace it but they say it works fine.
Try doing an archive search on's E46 forum for this exact problem. There was a TSB out and it involves replacing NOT the CD player but the trim panel above the CD player. It appears the trim panel is pinching the CD player a little bit and it triggers the sensor that senses a jam and will not eject your CD. Some have suggested a "credit card" fix but since I don't own the indash, I have no idea how it works. My changer works just fine except sometimes CD with Stomper labels craps out.
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