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Center Armrest Cutout Solution

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Hi - My new 2011 Coupe center armrest cutout does not allow me to rest my right arm when cruising the highway so I looked at some of the solutions. The sliding armrest is really nice but it is $261 and its still too low for my taste.

I found a cheap and satisfactory solution. I purchased a tan 7" x 13" x 2" zippered center armrest memory foam pad from "driving" for $23.00 and put an old number plate inside the bottom using the zipper. The Pad has a thick elastic band which holds it onto the existing "cutout armrest", the number plate fills in the cutout, the armrest is 2" higher than the existing one, and the tan microfiber cover looks good with my beige interior. (you can order other colors)
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You know what they say, "A picture is worth 1000 words".


Here is the link with a picture.
function over form for sure!

I love my sliding armrest!
Your right on that one. This is a stop gap measure for me. I just got the 2011 coupe two weeks ago and I have tinting scheduled for today. When the coffers get full again I will get the slider but wish the slider was a bit higher.

How much was the slider?
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