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Hi all,
My drivers door handle carrier broke AGAIN( UK X5 ), So I always keep a spare, I booked it in the garage to have the heater blower motor replaced, at the same time I asked them to change the carrier, when I called to collect the car I was told the carrier was not broken & it was the lock & they took the lock out cleaned & lubricated it. I pressed my fob to open door but it didn't work, we tried a few times, the garage got another key paired it with my car & it opened & closed my car, they said the key was at fault, In November 2018 I sent it away to have new buttons and battery fitted and it worked up until the the garage had it, I have sent the key back to the company to be re checked. I took the car home and replaced the carrier myself & the door handle works. Now the problem I have is how do identify what has caused the problem with the central locking?
Could the fob charger be damaged from the garage taking the dash board out?
Could the lubrication of the lock have damaged the central locking?
I read somewhere that you can test the charging coil using a AM radio( turn AM radio on, put it next to the ignition, then turn key, if you hear interference the coil is working)
Does anyone have any ideas of what I can do next?
Thanks in advance
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