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Change language on dashboard

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Some how I've manged to change the language on my dashboard computer?? The sat nav still in english and the main menu for Onboard Computer, Telephone, GPS etc but the dasboard, instead of Range I now have Autonom! Any ideas how I can reset it. It was working so I'm assuming it's me playing (rather than using the manual) that's caused it. Cheers
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Either Language Course or some have been able to get English back by disconnecting the battery for 15 minutes.
Cracked it, well sort of

Aside from the hugely helpful suggestion about a language course, I've found out what the problem is. I recently purchased the latest Sat Nav DVD from a supplier recommended on this forum. It came, I installed and all fine. I was getting fed up with the Speed Camera alerts near where I live so turned that off and thats when the on board computer language reverts back to a default setting, in my case French. Turn the alerts back on and back comes the English messages. I've spoken to the supplier of the discs and apparently it's NOT the DVD for the sat nav but a firmware version 32 that they supplied FOC. They are aware of the fault but as I didn't purchase the firmware, haven't really got a case. But in case somebody else has the problem, turn your speed alerts on and all should be ok. All this and not a language course in sight.:)
Same but Errr different.

Similar problem after update but mine works the other way ie warning Off- English
warning On - French.
It's all to confuse us !!!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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