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Changes to my order

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I Placed my order on July 31st….the dealership says that should go in for September production. Yesterday, i went in and wanted to change interior trim and upholstery colour. The dealer seemed to make a big deal out of it. Said that the car was in stage 11 of the order process and he might be able to squeeze it through.

I also wanted to add sport seats. He first said it would be an additional $800, however then he came back saying they would have to special order them and it would cost an additional $400 for a special order charge over and above the $ 800.

My questions:

1. Is it really that much of a hassle to make these changes in this stage of production?
2. Does BMW really have a special order charge in place that adds $400 to my sports seats addition?

Any insight is highly appreciated!
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As long as the vehicle has not gone into prodution, changes can be made to your order and it IS NOT a hassle for the dealer. There also is NO CHARGE for them to make changes . If they are telling you that, then they are lying.
I changed my order multiple times before it went into production. Just be firm and if they don't help you out, cancel and send your business to another dealer.
Thank you both!

Appreciate your input
anything can be changed in stage 11...stage 12 is another matter.

and special order charges above the normal package or option cost....are lies
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