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Changing Spark Plugs

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Hello BMW owners.
I have a 525i (2002) and want to change my own spark plugs. Does anyone have a link or know how I can do this (step by step). Any HELP would be great!! Thanks.
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Hey bud,
theres pleanty of diys for spark plugs just google e39 spark plug diy...
but basically you'll need a 10mm socket a spark plug socket, flat head screw driver(small tip), 6" extension min, and either a good torque wrench or 18"breaker bar or longer.

after that pop out the the 2 caps on the engine cover passanger side, use 10mm socket to take out those nuts or bollts. pull off the cover. you'll then see your ignition coils, unplug them by raising the small clamp up and it pops the connector plugs out. pull and twist slightly on the ignition coils ( gripping from its base) and pull out each ignition coil 1 at a time and you'll see your spark plugs.. keep in mind to either do 1 at a time or remember which ignition coil is for which cylinder.

use ur spark plug socket, extension and breaker bar of torque wrench to take out spark plugs, they may be tight and a lil hard to get. make sure 2 check for any oil in the cylinder as it'll be a sign of the spark plug seals on their way out and in need of replacing but then thats a valve cover gasket job. after you get the plugs out replace them. now some people recommend this and others dont but you have a choice of adding some spark plug anti sieze compound to the threads and a ignition boot anti sieze also. note some spark plugs already come with anti sieze alread applied. also good to look for a spark plug you dont have to gap.

hope it helps and any1 can feel free to add on to my quick intro on this. note may be some typos or mispelled words... in the event its late and my bad:p
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oh and the bosch platinums 4+ plugs or something similar to that are pretty good
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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