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Changing the obc?

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if I change the obc in a 1992 e36 do I need to get any specific one and is there anything I need to do to program it or anything?
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same button one as yours.

if you get less you loose features.

if you get a obi with more buttons you don't gain any features without running all the sensors
its an 18 button model. I was just worried that if I just hooked it up it might not read the car right, or say something that was wrong with the car it was out of.
You are supposed to code a replacement OBC with the car's "central coding key" (ZCS) to tailor it for the car. Many aren't aware of this, or have an allergy to BMW dealerships, and will suggest getting a used one out of a car that is similar enough to your own (e.g., an OBC out of a 328i sedan if you have a 328i coupe).

Perhaps the most common issue for an OBC that was coded for a significantly different car is the fuel consumption and range calculations being off.
so if I have a 325i sedan and I get one from a 325i sedan it should work without any problems? at that point will I need to program it in any way or will it read right without anything done? if I can't get one from the right car how do you code it with the "central coding key". there aren't very many dealers around here.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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