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Changing the order after production scheduled

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While waiting for my dealer to return my call, I thought I'd ask here as well. My car is in "production scheduled" status for ED at the end of june. I understand that order cannot be changed at this point. (My dealer told me so before). So, I was gonna ask my dealer if some sort of swap (black sapphire with jet black) can be done. Does anyone know if that's possible for an ED order?
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beewang said:
With whom??!! :dunno:
with one from dealers' allocation? I figured they'd be plenty jet blacks rolling off around the same time, and some dealer out there wouldn't mind swapping..

Your other option is to cancel and reschedule another ED date.
Oh well, I suppose I can learn to love black sapphire.
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MARCUS330i said:
He called me today to give me my pcikup date: June 21st!
lemme get this right. you ordered later, can still change the color, and pick up sooner? :mad:

Yeah, you should be able to pick it up on the 24th. Book the flight first though, before changing the date, just in case flight is not available.
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beewang said:
On a separate note, Saphire Black is a MUCH better black than Jet Black. JB being non-metallic paint shows the clear coat scratch way to easily.
Yeah I know. I once was married to a high maintenance brilliant black audi. I had a momentary cold feet due to experience, and now I'm regretting it... Bright side is that I can always divorce a car wthout paying alimony or child support.
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