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Changing the order after production scheduled

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While waiting for my dealer to return my call, I thought I'd ask here as well. My car is in "production scheduled" status for ED at the end of june. I understand that order cannot be changed at this point. (My dealer told me so before). So, I was gonna ask my dealer if some sort of swap (black sapphire with jet black) can be done. Does anyone know if that's possible for an ED order?
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With whom??!! :dunno:

Yes, you are correct you car is 'locked" and you cannot change. A swap is only possible "IF" they have a car in the ED "Pool" (unclaimed or cancelled) that meets your requirement (which is to say you MUST be flexible). The biggest problem w/ what you are trying to do is that the E90 supply is really tight and the ED "pool" vehicle is few and almost non-existing right now. I am 99.9% sure that what you wanted to do cannot be done at this time. Your other option is to cancel and reschedule another ED date.

Good luck to ya TK, ;)

beewang :bigpimp:
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tksung said:
with one from dealers' allocation? I figured they'd be plenty jet blacks rolling off around the same time, and some dealer out there wouldn't mind swapping..
No... it doen't work that way...You cannot simply pull a car from the ones your dealer has from his/her U.S. build/allocation. and swap it out w/ yours. What you said may sound simple and easy, but what you don't know (or see) is that there is alot involved behind the scene. The Germans, in case you don't know... are notorious for being berucratic.

On a separate note, Saphire Black is a MUCH better black than Jet Black. JB being non-metallic paint shows the clear coat scratch way to easily. Ask me how i know... :eeps: I have since swear to never do that again. :rolleyes: Marcus, listen to me!!! DON'T DO IT!!


beewang :bigpimp:
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