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Check brake lights, low beams, hi beams...etc

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Since I got the car I have always gotten random check lights on the dash.[Check brake lights, check reverse lights, check low beams...etc] All the lights work on my 540i 98', and nothing looks corroded. The only thing that seems to be a pattern in problems during operation is the left turn signal. Right when you hit it, it blinks fast like its going out then goes back to normal a second later. Weird part is, thats about the only light that doesn't come up with a check warning lol.
The reeeeeally strange part I finally noticed and only found one person online talk about(and cant for the life of me find now), is a strob like effect in my parking lights(I think). no pattern I can tell, no trigger. Just a random tiny blink every now and then, alternating sides. For this the lights dont even have to be on. Just have the car on in some capacity; ACC or running.
None of this really gives me any trouble. I would just really prefer to not have the "check lights" come up every time I drive it. And very curious about the random blinking lights. Anyone dealt with a problem like this?

p.s. And of course the pixels in the dash screen are messed up to is a pain to read.