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Check engine light AND new iPod install...follow me on this logic

OK - did a new install of my iPod via an Aux interface the other night. Shortly after that (the next afternoon) I began having the CEL come on. I have ALSO had another problem of this crazy little HUMMING sound coming through the speakers that follows the RPMs.

So I was doing reading on both issues not thinking they were related, just occurred at the same time, and it dawned on me that there may be a connection...

Since I do not have a Peake Diag Tool, I am not sure what the code is, but the car seems to be running like a top (98 328i w/ 111k on it!) BUT - there were some things that I read that the CEL can come on for O2 related issues, vacuum related issues and/or electrical issues - more specifically alternator issues. I also read that some of the humming that can be caused (ground loop) can be caused from the grounds of the different electrical equip. not being the same...and some things I read referenced an alternator.

SO - is the iPod connection and the ground loop causing the humming OR is the humming causing the CEL coming on and if I solve one will the other be taken care of?

Your thoughts are appreciated. this is what I am going to do...unhook the AUX adapter and unscrew it from the chasis (one self-tapping screw into the spare tire well) and then see if the CEL goes away. If that does not work for the CEL or the huming, then I am going to get a GLI (Ground Loop Isolator) and see if that solves it.

I'll keep you posted!
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