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2012 335i N55

So I had posted before about my IBS not being hooked up and blah blah... so the other day my car gave me a check engine light and my car went into limp mode then suddenly shut off.
A few minutes later I took it to a mechanic (in limp mode) and we got the IBS code 38A4 and I’m also getting 2C6F for the boost sensor.. I deleted the codes but they kept coming back. Mechanic gave me the whole “I don’t do electrical work blah blah” so I took it home in limp mode, it would jump a lot and it felt like it was going to shut off.
Got home, ordered a new MAP Sensor (which I haven’t received yet).
Next day I go turn the car on and I have no codes except for the battery sensor code but nothing else. I drive t for two days no issues just small power surges where the car would accelerate very little while I was cruising and the light on my shifter flickers.

I have no idea what to do so I’m setting up an appointment with BMW to have them check it out ($210 for a diagnostic !!) then go from there.

I’m assuming it’s my battery sensor giving messed up codes. And I don’t have a reliable mechanic here.

Any suggestions or anyone who had similar issues ?

Btw mods: JB4 w/ MHD Backened Flash, VRSF FMIC, Charge Pipe and Catless Downpipes. And Injen CAI.


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