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Checking brake wear?

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Because I am obsessive, I have become concerned about the fact that my car will eventually need new brakes (I'm sometimes appalled at the things I lie awake at night thinking about).

I'm not noticing any of the classic signs of wear (no noise, etc.) and the brake wear light hasn't come on, but I'm trying to get a sense of how long I have (FWIW, my car has 52K miles on it, and the brakes are presumably original).

-How do you measure pad life? Is there an easy way?

-At what thickness should the pads be swapped out?

-At what point (thickness) does the pad wear light come on?

At this point, I'm planning to go with the Turner Brembo/PBR Metalmaster setup. I think the Euro floating rotors are trick, but I haven't experienced any warpage so I can't really justify the cost. Any thoughts on this setup?