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Chem Guys yellow pad? Results after compound+polish

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Grabbed a Horrible Freight random orbital and their pads to test out my E38. This car was washed with scotch Brite, I swear. Tested tools + product on the boot lid.

I used C4 and P4 with the appropriate pads from HF (which is where I got the random orbital). Took awhile with C4 but got it to the point where I’m happier than I was but the finish is not glass. I am going to sell my E38 so I don’t want to risk making the paint worse but I do want to use it as a test mule for correcting my other cars.

Based on the pix, should I try a yellow pad or leave well enough alone? I Plan to use up the C4/P4 as I don’t like stuff just sitting around and I’m not a detail guy. If I don’t like the outcome I’ll try another brand/product but my E38 has horrendous paint and yields the best results.

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you should try "" 3m 06068""
i try to rejuvenate paint for years until I met these really elder guy at napa auto parst . and o boy I only used a blue and a black sponge with it.
it works great and you can go full speed without burning the paint with sponges
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