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Chicago buyers, avoid elmhurst sales!!!!!

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A little background on the issue...

We all know the concept of "shady used car salesmen", but let's be honest. Usually this term calls to mind someone slinging '88 Pontiacs at an out-of-biz gas station turned car dealership. I NEVER thought I'd encounter this type of behavior at a luxury dealer until I went to Elmhurst. I have been going there for service for a while with no complaints, and figured to expect the same treatment from the sales group. Not so much....

I had been browsing used X5's when a particular dealer who happens to have a nice window view came out to help me. We talked about 2 cars, both V8's, one in blue and one in black. I liked the black one, so I took it out for a spin. Very enjoyable, I'll say.

Following the test drive, and after looking elsewhere, I e-mailed the salesman and we began a dialogue on the vehicle (the black V8) that I wanted. He started by giving me the price they wanted, evaluating my trade, and over the course of the week we came to a nice arrangement...

I am sitting at his desk, pen and check in hand, and just waiting to cover final numbers when this guy asks "were you looking at the black V8 4.4 or V6 3.0? Because the V8 will be a different price..."

WTF!!!! I had not EVER looked at ANY of the V6's. The email string between us clearly shows that I was talking about the V8, as evidenced by the miles and initial pricepoint. (incidentally, the V6 has an extra 20K+ miles) This guy just tried to play me! Got me all the way to the office ready to go, and then pulls out on the price we negotiated over an entire week!!!! Is this even legal? Are email negotiations binding as if in writing?

After expressing my displeasure, he "worked" the new price, bringing it down about 1/4 of the way to the price we actually negotiated, which was not enough to make the deal regardless of how angry I was. Add the anger, and as you can imagine, I walked out.

This dealership should be ashamed about this behavior! Are they really in such a good place financially that they would screw a prospective buyer out of a V8 SUV in a time when SUVs aren't exactly flying off the lots?

If anyone knows the ownership of this dealer, please let me know!!! I'd like to have a few words....

(Sorry for the repeat post, first one in the wrong place....)
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I'll bet your life you didn't. :)
WTF!!!! I had not EVER looked at ANY of the V6's.
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