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I did no idrive to cic/combox retrofit on my e92 (US spec) and did all the coding. My car originally was equipped with mulf2 and tcu1.5 and professionall radio.
made all necessary trace changes in cic and media to enable bluetooth tethering and to get rid of bmw assist (enabled bmw services).(removed SA639 as well)
SA614, SA615, SA644 and SA6AL added to my FA.
Data transfer is enabled under idrive menu and i can sucessfully update bmw services with no problems.
now, the issue:
For some reason when i use internet, google web page opens up fine and search works, but opening up any webpages, it comes back with "ssl security error and no secure connection".
Bmw live is not working as well. after about 5 minutes is asking me to enable data service which i already have done (otherwise i wouldnt be able to open up internet
i have changed combox vin 4 times already (2 from Russia, 1 from us and 1 from Malaysia) using my own SSD file. every time i change the vin my phone sees the new vin correctly (after car seeps for about 15 minutes)

What am I missing here?

b.t.w , one of the Russian vin gave me an error under bmw live that "home page is unavailable and to try later" which i did after 24 hrs and with same results.

thanx .
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