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The cigarette lighter in my '03 X5 quits working--I think it happened because the metal tip of the cigarette charger for my Garmin GPS popped out and dropped into the lighter socket, hence shorting the fuse for the lighter. Apparently this happens a lot--it also happened to my 325i (though not the Garmin charger but a DC-AC converter). A lot of my friends also have this (the mental tip popping out from cigarette charger) happened to them too.
Griping aside--I checked the fuses in the fuse box but none of the fuses seems to be blown. I must have missed something here. How many fuse box(es) are there in the X5 and where are they all located? Is there a sure way of checking whether they are blown besides visual inspection?
Any any recommendations for buying the fuses online or in store?
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