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Slightly OT, but in general, I am seeing more and more cars with clouded headlight covers. Used to be lower end cars I would see, now seems like all makes, and not that old. Seems like maybe the materials being used just don't hold up well.
Exposure to sun and whether the car is properly detailed is going to affect whether the headlight lenses will hold up or not.
A car that is not garaged and only sees automatic car washes will have cloudy headlight lenses after a few years.
If DIY detailing the car, apply same treatment to headlight lenses as for the paint. I use clay and wax at same time as I do for paint. Given I hand wash my cars I seldom need to polish, but if I polish the paint I also hit the headlight and tail light lenses.

Pictures to prove my theory. Below is my 20 year old E46 that I've had since new. Headlights are clear.
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And my recently acquired winter beater Jeep that had never been detailed with a 'before' of the front end coming home from driving in a snow storm over Donner Pass and the 'after' a few days later after a six hour detail / paint correction with clay polish and wax. The headlights look new.

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