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Hi there -

What's the color combination on your roadster (any pics)?

With a roadster (and probably just about everyone on these forums regardless of model) I NEVER take it to a car wash. Hand wash only. I do not use the car shampoo on the top.

For the top: The Raggtopp products get great recommendations. They make both a cleaner and protectant.

For the rear plastic window: First of all, be very careful of what you use to clean the rear window - from both a cleaner standpoint and a towel standpoint. Windex and paper towels is a big NO NO.
What condition is the rear window in? If it is in good to excellent condition, use Plexus Plastic Cleaner. If it is in bad condition and needs to be restored, use the Meguairs #10 and #17. Use good cotton terry cloth or micro fiber towels.

There is a detailing board here on Bimmerfest with loads of great detailing tips and recommendations. Use the search feature to look for posts on the products mentioned above. :)
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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