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Clear Bra products?

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I was curious what products people have used for the clear bra. I plan to have it installed just curious on vendors. I like 3M and the dealer is using SunTek.
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Go with 3m

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Thru this forum I learned the back wheel flares on 50 were very vulnerable to stone chips so as soon as I returned to Maine from PCD I had 3m kit installed which included all leading edges and nose. That was November. It did the job but since it was installed during a sub freezing cold snap it didn't seal properly on some of the edges and feathered out. Right now, this week, it is back at vendor who is doing a complete new kit! That kind of service and standing behind a product matters to me. Plus it has worked for the 23,000 miles since delivery. My flares do not have a ding or chip.

Might be other products or vendors out there who do as well, but the outfit I used and the product are exceptional. Pm me if you want the contact info.

clear bra installer in MA, Xpel Ultimate/Ventureshield, Unique Car Care

If you're going to do a clear bra, I highly suggest doing the complete front of the car (entire hood, entire fenders, bumper. mirrors & headlights). Not only do you avoid the line across the hood, but it also gives you piece of mind knowing that the entire front end of the car is protected.

As far as what brand of film to use, I would definitely go with Xpel Ultimate. I own a detail shop in Boston/MA and do lots of clear bra installs. I was using the 3M/Ventureshield product for a while, but have completely switched to the new Xpel Ultimate film, which is far superior in my opinion. It has great clarity, no orange peel and has a clearcoat topcoat. The best thing about this particular film is that is has self-healing properties if you happen to scratch it at some point. Any type of heat (sunlight, engine heat, hot water, etc. will promote the self healing and the scratches will disappear. It also has great UV protection and will not discolor, fade or get cloudy like other films on the market. Most films look great when first installed, but typically degrade not even a year later. This film is backed with a 10 year warranty.

One thing that I did notice with the 3m/Ventureshield is when bugs, sap, bird mess or stuff from trees remained on the surface for a couple days, the film would "etch" and I was unable to remove the etching. This is the main reason I switched to the Xpel Ultimate. It is extremely durable and you can even use lacquer thinner on the film without it eating the topcoat. I haven't tried the Suntek yet...

Here's a video showing Xpel's self-healing properties:

Here are a couples installs we did showing full frontal coverage:

Also, make sure you go with a custom install instead of using pre-cut kits. Pre-cut kits typically have lots of critical areas that don't get covered and are prone to stone damage, not to mention lots of unnecessary seams. By performing a fully custom install, bulk film is used so the installer can make all seams very close to any openings (park distance sensors, reflectors, headlights, foglights, etc.) for a cleaner install with added coverage. In addition, all edges are completely wrapped over (hood, fenders, etc.).

You obviously want to do your research before choosing an installer.
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