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Clears / titanium inserts 2002 325xi touring

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I've wanted to install clears on my '02 wagon but am having absolutely no luck! I called Bekkers today and the guy told me "it's impossbile... can't get clears for '02 sedans or wagon..."

I thought that other's have had success getting clears from Bekkers -- I know the rear lenses migh be difficult to find for the touring, but have others been able to find at least the front clears (same as sedan) for '02?

Also told me that '02 sedan/touring titanium headlight inserts not available from Bekkers...

...any advise would be appreciated!

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Igot the Bavarian AUtosport catalogue yesterday. I don't have it with me to check the specifics, but I noticed that it had titanium inserts for the E46. Don't remember if that included the '02s, however.
Here is proof they exist:thumbup: We have them installed on our wagon.

Bought them from Maximillian imports (800) 950-2002



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