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climate control problem

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hi there
i have such kind of problem on my BMW 523 E39 1996 AT

when i'm driving with Climate Control my engine works very badly
Temperature is on 16 Degrees..
so first of all when i'm in a condition of standing my car is shaking like it's earthquake
secondly when i'm starting to accelarate my automatic gearbox changing speed on an 4000-5000RPM ... and to change first speed to second it needs 4-5 secondss

when i turn off climate it works properly and without any error

so please help me .. what is wrong with my car
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Hi, pretty strange problem
I think your engine mounts are gone. And take a visual check at the belts, pulleys at the A/C compressor. Visually check the auxiliary fan too with the A/C on if that makes any extra vibration.

You might have a bad A/C compressor. I would recommend to disconnect the connector of the compressor and switch on the A/C to see if there is any other electrical gremlin left.

"Temperature is on 16 Degrees.."
Do you mean here that the A/C blows cold air?
i thinks so that it's A/C compressor problem
how disconnect the connector can you tell me ??

"Temperature is on 16 Degrees.."
Do you mean here that the A/C blows cold air?

yes A/C blows cold air
The control wire to the A/C compressor is a single wire connector on top of the compressor and is about 5 cm long. Pull it towards the front right wheel.

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